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Low-code Python (data apps)

Use Peliqan’s low code Python scripting environment to implement a wide range of use cases with just a few lines of code, ranging from building interactive apps to implementing “writeback” to SaaS applications (reverse ETL).

You can write, test and run (host) your Python scripts inside Peliqan using the built-in IDE and built-in runtime, or you can use your own IDE such as Visual Studio. When you want to develop locally outside of Peliqan, make sure to pip install Peliqan first (see below).


Basics of data appsBasics of data appsReading data from tablesReading data from tablesWriting data to tablesWriting data to tablesRunning apps (manual, schedule etc.)Running apps (manual, schedule etc.)FlowsFlowsPeliqan Python client (pip)Peliqan Python client (pip)Available Python modulesAvailable Python modulesReference

Topics by use case

Data VisualizationData VisualizationInteractive appsInteractive appsInteracting with SaaS APIsInteracting with SaaS APIsAlerting & messagingAlerting & messagingData enrichmentData enrichmentReportingReportingWorking with filesWorking with filesData sync & Reverse ETLData sync & Reverse ETLPredictions, Machine Learning  templatesPredictions, Machine Learning templatesData quality & monitoringData quality & monitoringData contractsData contractsSlow changing dimensions (history tables)Slow changing dimensions (history tables)MetadataMetadata