Peliqan Python client

A Python module to connect to a Peliqan environment from a Python script running anywhere outside of the Peliqan environment. This module is a wrapper for the public Peliqan REST APIs.


$ pip install peliqan

Upgrade to latest version

$ pip install peliqan --upgrade


from peliqan import Peliqan

jwt = "MY_JWT_TOKEN"           # see Admin > Security settings > API token
backend_url="MY_PELIQAN_URL"   # optional, default:

pq = Peliqan(jwt, backend_url)

# Example usage
dbconn = pq.dbconnect('dw_123') 
data = dbconn.fetch('db_name', 'schema_name', 'table_name')

df = dbconn.fetch('db_name', 'schema_name', 'table_name', df=True)

Argument List

The Peliqan class takes two arguments:

  • jwt (required): This is the JWT token used to authenticate requests from the client to the server. In Peliqan, see Admin > Security settings > API token.
  • backend_url (optional): This is the instance_url that points to a specific Peliqan environment. If no value is provided, the client will look for the PELIQAN_URL environment variable. If it is not set, then the value defaults to

More info on the Peliqan environment URL and JWT token here.

Environment Variables (optional)

  • PELIQAN_URL: If this variable is set, it is not needed to set the backend_url parameter while instantiating the client.

Useful Links

See here to learn more about building data apps.