The Peliqan.io data platform is available as a white-labeled platform for SaaS companies, ISV’s and consultants that wish to deliver data-centric services to their customers, under their own brand. These services range can range from data analysis and visualization to ML/AI and LLM services. Peliqan partners can develop a set of templates that they deploy for their individual end-customers in their white-label data platform.

Contact your Peliqan account manager to set up a white-label environment for your business.

Setup your own custom domain

You can choose between 2 options:

  1. A Peliqan subdomain: e.g. https://acme.peliqan.io when your company is ACME.
  2. Your own domain: e.g. https://app.acme.com or https://data.acme.com (or any other subdomain) when your domain name is acme.com.


If you will use your own domain (option 2 above), make sure to configure following CNAME record in the DNS settings of your domain:

app.acme.com CNAME app.eu.peliqan.io


You will receive an email from AWS SSL certificate service. This email will be sent to following email addresses:

  • webmaster@acme.com
  • admin@acme.com
  • administrator@acme.com

Make sure you have access to one of these email addresses and approve the SSL certificate for your new subdomain.


Please send your logo to support@peliqan.io. We will need 2 versions:

  • Favicon rectangular icon
  • High resolution logo, preferably in SVG format (PNG or JPG are also supported)