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Excel add-in

The Peliqan Excel add-in allows you to pull in real-time data from Peliqan into Excel. This can include data in the Peliqan data warehouse, data in an external data warehouse, a connected database, tables created in Peliqan, queries written in Peliqan (including Trino queries using the Peliqan federated query engine).

The Peliqan Excel add-in is a great way to provide self-service access to data for business users. For example, accountants can pull-in real-time data from multiple accounting systems from their end-customers.

The add-in is available for Excel on Windows and Mac, as well as Excel in the browser.

In Excel go to the Home Ribbon, click on Add-ins and select “More add-ins”:


See “Add-ins” on the right hand side of this Home Ribbon in Excel.

This will open the Add-in Store (Microsoft AppSource). Now search for Peliqan and click on “Add”. The add-in will now be added into your Excel in the Home Ribbon. Click on the add-in in the Ribbon to open it:


Login with your Peliqan username & password. When you have 2FA enabled, login with your API token instead. You can find in Peliqan under Admin > Settings > API token. Click on “Generate API token” if you don’t have a token yet.

Once you are logged in inside the add-in, you will see a list of tables and queries that are available to you:


Select a table in the drop-down and click on Sync data, to get real-time data into the current Sheet in Excel. You can repeat this to get updated data. The current Sheet will always be over-written with the new updated data:


As a best practise, do not edit the data in this Sheet. Instead use other Sheets in Excel to create e.g. reports, and use VLOOKUP formulas to fetch data from the data sheet.