Getting started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Peliqan

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision) is a cloud based enterprise resource planning (ERP) app that assists with finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chains, analytics, and electronic commerce for small and medium-sized companies and local subsidiaries of large international groups. Business central is available On Prem as well as On Cloud.

In order to connect Business Central in Peliqan, you have to create an app in Azure. This is a so called “private” app. After entering all the details in Peliqan (client id, client secret, tenant id) etc. Peliqan will start syncing your data.

Create a “Private” App in Azure

  1. Login to Azure Portal Account and click on App Registrations (or search for App Registrations):
  2. image
  3. Click on New Registration to register a single tenant application:
  4. image
  5. Provide details and click on Register:
  6. image
  7. On Overview, make sure to copy ClientId and TenantId:
  8. image
  9. To enable OAuth, click on Authentication > Add Platform > Click on Web:
  10. image
  11. A configure Web window will open to add Redirect URL ( and click configure:
  12. image
  13. Add Permissions, select API Permissions > Add a permission > Dynamics 365 Business central:
  14. image
  15. Add Delegated permissions and Applications permissions as below:
  16. image

  1. Grant Admin consent to the Apps:
  2. image

  1. Get Client Secret: In left pane, click Certificates & Secrets > Client Secret > New Client Secret and provide details to get the client secret. and click on the Add button: NOTE: Client secret is only visible when created, make sure to copy and save it for future use. For the Peliqan Connection, you will need to provide the client secret value.
  2. image

  3. Register the Application in Business Central:
    1. Go to and login with the same account as Azure Portal.
    2. Click on search icon and search for ‘aad’ (or “Entra”) and select Azure Entra Applications.
    3. image
    4. Click on New button
    5. image
    6. On the new popped-up window, enter Client Id from app overview, enter a description and enable it.
    7. image
    8. On the User Permission Sets section below add 3 permissions mentioned below and save it.
    9. image
    10. Make sure the application should be enabled.
    11. image

  4. Get Environment details:
    1. Select settings icon and select admin center:
    2. image
    3. On admin center you will be able to find the environment details:
    4. image

    5. Get your company name using company icon on Business Central Homepage:
    6. image