Getting started with Exact Online in Peliqan


Exact is the business software market leader in the Benelux. Exact Online is a go-to-provider for companies looking to automate their accounting, financial, ERP, HRM and CRM processes. Exact Online also offers a range of industry specific solutions to fully manage all of your business processes needs. Website:

This article provides you an overview to get started with the Exact connector in Peliqan. Please contact support if you have any additional questions or remarks.


Exact Online Data Pipeline

Connect Exact Online

Connect Exact online through the Peliqan Connectivity module:


Configuration options:

  • Starting year
  • Country
  • (Optional) table selection via ‘Advanced’

Start the oauth connection flow by selecting ‘Connect Exact Online’:

  • Provide your username and password
  • Accept Peliqan can acces your data

Select the required divisions you want the data to be synced from and select ‘Connect Exact Online’


Due to the heavy API rate limitations from Exact Online, It is advised to limit the data that will be synced by selecting the specific datasets and starting year. To ensure a minimal load on the Exact Online API’s, we set the default sync time to 6h and implemented when available - sync or bulk api - incremental syncs - start date - incremental through parent object (e.g. purchase entry lines) More information on rate limits from Exact:

Exact online does not allow 2 parallel connections with the same users and app. So adding the same connection (User - Peliqan) will result in one of the 2 connections to start failing due to invalid authorization tokens.

Exact Online data sync to a data warehouse

Peliqan offers an out of the box data warehouse. Optionally the user can choose to sync Exact online data to their own data warehouse such as Snowflake, Google Bigquery, MS SQL, ..

Data will be synced to the chosen data warehouse and made available through the Peliqan UI for exploration.


With the federated query engine, queries on the Exact Online data can be written and data can be transformed and combined with other sources.


Exact Online Data Activation

Report Exact Online data to Spreadsheets and BI tools

With the Peliqan Excel add-in you can easily sync your Exact data or query output to Excel and use the powers of Excel to report on the data.


Connectivity to a BI tool such as PowerBI can be setup using the postgress datasource credentials in the connection module.

Data sync with google sheet can be achieved by a data app writeback script.


Alert on Exact Online data.

Coming soon.

Data Sync from Exact Online to other business applications.

Coming soon.